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So the game roughly playable aside from some minor issues. I got the pixel movement done a day ago but one thing I'm having some problems with is pixel projectiles. Not exactly working for me. /:

Regardless; want me to finish the bit ups and just release it as tile-based for now and update with pixel movement/projectiles later or don't release it until I get the projectiles working? You're call, guys.

Current Features:
  • One map: Streetside
  • Automatic gun
  • Scores

    Future Features:

  • More unique weapons
  • Customizable character
  • More maps
  • Multiplayer support

okay sounds cool
I keep mistaking you for other people with a similar username >_<
Hey, nice to see you used my quote. =)

Anyway, personally, I think it's better to release now and update during the initial "rush" of players you'll receive. If you just put it out there now as tile based, then promise the players pixel movement in the next couple of weeks, you'll see a greater response and probably maintain your playerbase a little bit better, granted the gameplay is worth staying around for.

I love the looks. Keep up the fantastic work!
What's the verdict? When can I go shoot the shit out of some zombies?
I was going to implement everything first, but ever since Lummox's blog post, I think I'll wait for BYOND to update with built-in pixel-movement support.