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Prism does not have a traditional class system. Traditional class systems require the player to pick a single class. For the entirety of the player's game play, he is forced to stay within that class and is not allowed to venture out unless he "rerolls".

In Prism, players create their own class. Using a flexible system, players may join up to 3 guilds and mix/match talents as they see fit. However, there are some limitations: A player's soul color dictates what guilds he may join. The following soul colors are available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet. A player may join guilds of his own soul color plus 2 adjacent colors. For example, a yellow soul may join orange, yellow, or green guilds.

Players in Prism may "respec" for a fee at any time, allowing them to reselect their guilds and redistribute their talents and abilities. It's also worth noting that regardless of soul color, there is always a tank, healer, support, and damage guild available.

Below is a tentative list of guilds that will be available upon Prism's launch:

Guilds of Prism

  • Knight - Role: Tank
  • Warlord - Role: Support
  • Barbarian - Role: Damage
  • Assassin - Role: Damage
  • Monk - Role: Damage
  • Ranger - Role: Damage
  • Purger - Role: Healer
  • Rogue - Role: Damage
  • Marksman - Role: Damage
  • Paladin - Role: Tank
  • Bard - Role: Support
  • Spellblade - Role: Damage
  • Necromancer - Role: Damage
  • Summoner - Role: Damage
  • Archmage - Role: Damage
  • Priest - Role: Healer
  • Druid - Role: Damage
  • Shaman - Role: Damage

Below are short descriptions for each guild.

Knight Guild

Knights are bound by chivalry to serve and protect their people. They are trained warriors who specialize in defensive skills and abilities. They utilize heavy armor and shields to defend their party while others take down the enemy.

Warlord Guild

Warlords are military leaders with an uncanny ability to rally and invigorate troops. Calling out orders and inspirational speeches, the presence of the warlord gives a party improved potential and the ability to beat the odds. Warlords support their party, pushing them to their limits.

Barbarian Guild

Barbarians are ruthless warriors who rely on pure rage to win battles. Heaving heavy weapons, their ferocious attacks often leave them vulnerable. Regardless, few dare stand in the way of a well trained barbarian.

Assassin Guild

The assassin guild trains deadly hit-men. Equipped with poisons, daggers, and thrown weapons, the assassin hides in the shadows, waiting to strike. The assassin's repertoire of abilities makes him especially suited for ambush attacks.

Monk Guild

Monks are spiritual fighters who live a life of self-discipline. Their diligence when it comes to martial training is unmatched. The monk is skilled in both unarmed and armed melee combat.

Ranger Guild

Rangers are masters of the wild. Due to their natural prowess for hunting, they specialize in ranged combat. Using bows, crossbows, thrown weapons, and even rifles, the ranger takes down his enemies from afar. Rangers are also known to be accompanied by a hunting companion, such as a dog, wolf, or other beast.

Purger Guild

The purger is a one-of-a-kind healer. Using the power of fire, a purger cauterizes his friends and scorches his foes. While not truly magic in nature, the purger's ability to manipulate fire draws on his mana and energy combined. The purger can heal and deal damage if necessary.

Rogue Guild

Rogues are melee fighters who specialize in strikes of opportunity. A rogue avoids and dodges his enemy, awaiting the perfect time to lay his lethal strike. A rogue's patience and ability to anticipate the enemy's vulnerabilities is what makes him a deadly weapon.

Marksman Guild

The marksman guild trains deadly accurate riflemen and archers. The marksman is known specifically for his ability to shoot an enemy from a very long distance. However, at close range, a marksman is minced meat.

Paladin Guild

The paladin is a spiritual fighter who relies on his faith and martial skills to defeat his foes. He is sworn to protect all that is good. The paladin wears heavy armor and a shield to protect his party while others take down the enemy.

Bard Guild

Bards are musicians who sing songs of epic heroes and battles which are used to inspire their party. A bard can bring a group of adventurers to peak performance by giving them a heroic presence through music. Bards are known for their ability to enchant, inspire, and bolster troops with song, dance, and magic.

Spellblade Guild

Spellblades are unique vagabonds. They use the power of magic to enchant their blade, rather than traditional poisons used by rogues and assassins. Spellblades utilize magic to hide when necessary, dodge when possible, and strike when the enemy is vulnerable. The spellblade is a strange combination of magic and skill.

Necromancer Guild

Drawing upon necrotic energies, the necromancer spews unlife into his enemies. With the ability to raise the dead and turn enemies into corpses, the necromancer is a powerful adversary.

Summoner Guild

Summoners wield magic in a unique way. Summoners capture the souls of beasts and monsters in order to unleash on their enemies at a later time. The summoner has some offensive abilities, but primarily acts through his minions.

Archmage Guild

Archmagi are power wizards with an extreme specialty in arcane magic. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, archmagi scour the world in search of scrolls, potions, and artifacts to study. The archmagi are exceedingly powerful from afar, and exceedingly frail up close.

Priest Guild

The priest has an unbelievable ability to cure the wounds of others. With nothing other than faith and willpower, the priest can revitalize and rejuvenate adventurers who are on the brink of dying.

Druid Guild

Druids are shape-shifters of the wild. It is said that the druid needs simply to touch an animal in order to acquire its' DNA. After acquiring the DNA of animal, the druid may shape-shift into the creature at will.

Shaman Guild

Shaman are masters of the elements. They wield powerful magic which they use to manipulate wind, fire, water, and earth. The shaman is an extremely powerful caster.

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