BYOND Version:489
Operating System:Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Web Browser:Firefox 5.0
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Unverified

Thus far we've been unable to verify or reproduce this bug. Or, it has been observed but it cannot be triggered with a reliable test case. You can help us out by editing your report or adding a comment with more information.
I have encountered an issue with dreamseeker being unable to reposition any controls within certain childs if they are within a few layers of other childs.

I have uploaded an example which should show the problem.

If the main window is resized, the bottom right area will not move/resize based on the anchors set. However, if you drag any of the splitters it will update its position correctly.
I see no issues with the position in your demo, or at least if such issues exist you have not adequately explained where to look for them. When I opened your project I saw the various controls, one of them saying it was a label in the problem area.

At no point did I observe a problem with the positions. What I did see, however, was that the anchors for the various controls were chosen poorly. The test label can shrink vertically with the window and run out of space to display its message, and it is aligned to the right instead of the top right which makes the issue more pronounced when it tries to wrap text.

Originally I closed this outright because it looks like nothing more than user error, but your description does make it sound like you're seeing an issue that I am not, so for safety's sake I'm holding this in Unverified. There is a possibility that this falls into the class of bugs, often painting-related, that occur in Windows 7 but not in XP. At the minimum, we will need much more information about what to look for in your demo and what the expected results should be.
Apologies for the lack of clear information.

On my end, "Edge button" and "Problem Area Test Label" do not reposition themselves as the main window is re-sized. EG: I drag the window bigger but they are still in the same position that was once the edge of the window. If I move any of the splitters they then jump to the edge of the window once again.

I agree; the anchors are poorly done as they were simply auto-anchored.

I've had a look at this on my XP based machine and as you stated it acts as intended.

Just in-case words aren't enough, I've uploaded a picture which should show the issue better.

Hopefully the above information is a little more clear,

Thanks for your time.
Hmm, it may not be a painting thing so much as a sizing thing. I can try to look into it and get some ideas.