So considering for a project I've been working on I want a way for when I release the demo people could have a more efficient way to show me errors they receive without either poorly explaining it to me, or giving me an overly detailed wall of text.

Given that people don't fully like to use a free version of video capturing programs available, or don't know how to I had an idea to create a DM based system to simulate it. Don't know if this has been done before but it will basically create a file that records strings of text as long as they keep the UI box checked, then later they can send me the string file and I can replay it's value in Dream Seeker as well.

So far it's half done as far as I want it, and I haven't tried it to record data for if more then one user enters the screen and do commands of their own to have them recorded into the strings.

But, if all goes well with this thought stretch would people of BYOND find this tool useful if I were to release how I have it working end-run anyways? If so I'll release it as a demo when I am done.
I would be very interested in something like this. It sounds like a good idea =)
Why don't you just make a video capture program w/in BYOND?
CauTi0N wrote:
Why don't you just make a video capture program w/in BYOND?

More interesting of an idea to try and tackle, and working so far saves a good deal of filespace obviously. But yeah that would be easier.