That's a big relief that you're not changing pixel_x/y/z's function.

I'm excited to see how these new features work out. This is definitely the most exciting update for me since the whole change to BYOND 4.0, mainly because this should greatly increase how well pixelized movement runs online if what you say is true.
Now the BIGGER question! Will this lead into BYOND 5.0, which will hopefully introduce the pixel movement as stated throughout this?
Tom wrote:
There are a few new functions that we'll describe in the upcoming post.

I'm eager to hear what the new functions are. I have some ideas for functions I'd like to see, but I don't get the impression you're open to input.

My biggest concern is that there will be a feature/performance tradeoff if some of my library's features cannot be made to work with the built-in feature (particularly ramps and 3D movement). It sounds like the feature is handled largely inside the system and little will be exposed to the developer, which'll make it hard to extend using DM code.
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