by Fantasie Productions
A multiplayer RPG based on my novel in the making ,"Fantasie"
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Yay! Fantasie now has a launcher. It's kinda weird since I'm the only one making posts, but then again, I know when the updates are done.

Anyway, the point of the Launcher is to use a Login/Sign Up system. It pretty much ignores the key your logged in with. Let's say I'm on a key called KillerSammich, and I make an account on the Launcher. The next day, my brother forgets to sign out of his key, QuickerTurtle. I can still login to my Fantasie account. The next day, I open Fantasie and forget to open the BYOND pager, now I'm on guest. I can STILL login into my Fantasie account. Whole thing seems kinda pointless, but it's fun! And plus, the Launcher has an interactive HTML/skin, where you can check out recent news, check the Fantasie site. And once I make the giant logo smaller, it'll have events, screenies, etc. Fun right?

Here's a screeny of it:

PS: Fantasie is still in need of artists to help out. Our artists can't do it alone.
I like it!
Keep up the great work, man!
The font of the header like the one u have here look ... not soo good.
Yes we are still searching for artist :D Hopefully someone bites the line.
Love the branching away from some Byond cliche with the create your own ID and password system.

Great job! Can't wait to begin my Fantasious Destinie!
Yea :O +Yea YAY