Oh hey look, I'm actually making a post about Edreoll with new screenies.

So anyway, Edreoll went through a rewrite yet again, following the older format of how it worked in the early development download. However, several changes have been made for simplicity's sake.

* The world is split into 12x12 maps (20x20 grid to equal 400 maps in the worldmap total).

* The screen is not going to scroll. Instead, players traverse through these maps with warptiles just off sight of the viewable map. The screen will fade to black, and then will fade back in when the player has warped to the new map.

* Players no longer have the ability to level up abilities. Instead, they can however upgrade stats, Life, and AP with gained experience.

* Classes will influence stat points on a linear level (Fighter = +2 STR, etc)

* The player must travel through the world to find the eight Elemental towers and defeat each of their guardians in order to obtain new abilities and class armor.

* After defeating the eight elemental guardians, the player will then require travel through the four realms (Physical, Spirit, Void, Pure) and best the guardians of their respective realm (gives 2nd tier class abilities/armor).

* After besting the realm guardians, the last four temples will become available for the last four elements (Special Elements) Time, Space, Chaos, and Balance. These will also give 2nd tier abilities/armor.

* A trip through the Voidal Realm lies the 2nd and final bosses: Curse Sorcerer and Curse Dragon. Defeating the final boss will grant the player max stats and unlimited AP.

* After 'beating the game' the player has the option to rebirth in which case the player restarts the game with a title and special item "Soul of Arsap" which allows the player to use to auto-revive if fallen (the player must recharge the item thereafter).

* The player may have up to 5 Souls of Arsap (extra lives) and therefore can rebirth five times.

* Stat-levels max at 10. Stat increments per level :: LP/AP = 5 :: STR/MND/AGI/ARM = 3.

* Max stat power (LP/AP/STR/MND/AGI/ARM) = 100.

* A wide set of hotkey-usable abilities, weapons, and consumables will be created to enhance the experience of Edreoll.

So, that's pretty much the entire concept of Edreoll in a nutshell. Easy, simple, and enjoyable. It's so much easier to complete, and I can actually see that light at the end of the tunnel now.

Seems a bit saturated.