So recently, I have been asked this question over and over again that finally, I have chosen to answer it. Where is DNU? Are you still working on DNU? When is that Beta you promised 2 months ago? Have you quit BYOND? You basically get the point. I have been emailed, paged, and even asked on xbox live about the current status of DNU. Well, let me make this post to explain everything that is going on in my crazy head.

In july I said that I would start beta testing for DNU. That was the plan but due to me transitioning into college and chilling with friends I might not see for a long time, I haven't had much time to work on DNU. Actually, I can't remember the last time I even opened up or even updated the source code. Now that college is about to start, I might even have less time but I have decided to dedicate about 1-2 hours on only working on DNU while in college during my days off. So now let me just specifically answer some of the more direct questions.

Q: When is the Beta Test.
A: I will announce on my page when the official beta test will begin and at what times. If you registered on the forum for the beta test about 2 months ago, you will still be a tester.

Q: Can you give me specifics as to how far you are to creating a playable & stable version of the new DNU?
A: Let me put it like this.


I basically have the login system done along with basic RPG functions. I have a little bit done with the code for the roles and nothing with advance functions like items, RP Skills, and combat. Let me say this however, with many conversations with other gamers, I have compiled a huge word doc full of ideas for the game and future updates for it. I believe it is currently 7 pages long. I am right now abridging it for stuff that I believe needs to be in the game for the release. I would personally like to thank Hakari and Roxas for the great ideas and feedback.

Q: What about the old DNU? (DNU Classic) What will happen to it?
A: DNU classic is currently somewhere hiding on my hard drive somewhere. One idea that many of the original players wanted was maybe sometime host another server called the classic server if someone wishes to enjoy the classic. I am sorry but the old DNU source is not for sale or open for someone to have.

Q: When will there be a screenshot/video?
A: Yes, I have plans for two game trailers and screenshots have not been shown yet(just to keep you guys excited) but, you never know. As you see I have for you guys a little graphical taste with the new DNU graphic on top. Here is the youtube page if you wish to subscribe and be notified when the new trailer comes out.

So I hope this helps you understand the current situation of Death Note Unlimited. Alot of work and quality is being put into this game to give you the gamer the best possible MMORPG experience. I have alot of ideas and great support. I know that alot of you wish for me to continue and release DNU after the unexpected silence from DNO. I know of the community that DNO had and I encourage them along with anyone who loves death note or was even part of the DNU community to try out this game.

Death Note is by far one of my favorite anime and I am sure it was one of yours also. I hope to recreate the world of death note and create the same excitement, tension, and psych that is found in the anime that we all love. I hope that you support the game by teling others, becoming a fan, or even helping me out with your skills and talents.

Thanks and I hope to see you in the beta and even the release. :)

Check your PM box at the forums, I would really like to help with the coding aspect.