Just a little concept art for a project that's still in the design phase.

Very Early concept.

Most recent concept

It's Basically a tank but instead of tracks utilizes quadruped frame for compatibility for most if not all terrains.This is just the basic mass produced unit.

[Original design]

Note: the thrust sprite produced by the jets are Placeholders obviously.

Fantastic art either way.
Uhm, those little robots from ghost in the shell? if so yes, this was originally inspired by them.
Fuchikoma were the spider tanks from the original Ghost in the Shell (Movies and Manga).
For the two series (Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig), the spider tanks were Tachikoma.

Anyhow, I think the bottoms of the legs of your tank needs work. They need feet!
i do plan on giving it some feet :) early concept saw no need for them. but now that i think about it, it does look rather awkward with the current design. I remember neglecting them as i wanted to hurry get to the jump-jet animation :)

just had a little mech fever these past few months.Also, thanks.

its beautiful D:
Looks amazing
Thanks :)
Its funny the thinqs your pixel arting is based on what my team was gonna create our original game on...
Heh, been ironing out that design for about two months now. what would be funny is if they had the same game play.
Lol we might have the same...but I doubt it...what's your msn so we can talk.?
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