This week, I watched about 90 episodes of the Nostalgia Critic and browsed forums.

In terms of doing anything at all worthwhile, I've been pretty damn unproductive, but I do have a reason for my misery. It basically goes back to an event three week ago.

Last week of July, the sister's having some major problems in her personal life. Mom went up where she lives (some 400 miles away) and spent a week helping her out. I should have gone in her place, but it was too short notice.

Mom had left with a mild cold. Two weeks ago, mom returned, with pneumonia. The first week of August, I was being perpetually asked to do this and that to help her recover. The constant threat of interruptions made it difficult to focus on my work and, on top of that, I was pretty worried.

This week, it seems mom has recovered enough to go back to work a bit, that's a relief. (Although she's still not completely over it, and I'm being tasked to unexpectedly get up and do things.) Unfortunately, it seems I may have caught the bug she had, because I feel really worn down.

I really hate low level colds. With an acute bug, you're miserable for a little while, but then you get over it and you're back at roughly 100%. But these low-level, Seattle-grade colds, they really hang on.

I really need to get my nose back on the grindstone, but my body is in full rebellion. It's as though some primal drive is convinced I can't survive wracking my brain on how to bring about closure to this game I'm working on. What the Hell is the matter with you, motivation? Am I doing something wrong?
Get well =)