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I'm now on Google+. I'm not seeing the point yet. I'm feeling like a creep for following content creators instead of their content, but the latter doesn't tend to be an option. Thus far, I'm just hitting +1 to evangelize as I do with the Like button on Facebook except that there's even less people around to notice.

...Oh, but I have invites for anyone interested. *snicker*
Your picture has some sexy eyes.
I was hoping to see a real picture lol.
My avatar is pretty much a palette swap of what I see in the mirror. I use variations of it everywhere. =)

...Though I may have to look deeper to find those eyes. ;)
The mobile app has a great featured called Huddle, it is a real time wall. You can run several huddles at the same time. The grouping is great. If you keeping +'ing things though it's going to remember and keep trying to show you those things.
The point is that you can create circles and the post to just those circles. I can make BYOND specific posts without my boss going, wtf is he talking about? I also have my crude and rude friends circles that don't include my parents, boss, or straight and narrow friends that I post all the fun garbage to as an example.

Add me and I'll throw you in my BYOND circle. Already a couple of us on there.
There's more than a couple; my BYOND circle has 33 people, and that's not counting the 20 or so that are there that I've just not added. I think 70% of the saloon-goers are part of it, because there was a huge craze the first day it came out.
just made an account thanks for link
Yea..I heard about Google+ when it first came out and it's very innovative for the time it was created. BUT, the idea for a social network eventually caught on and now that it's common, google+ itself is far too late.