Poll: Which game deserves the BYOND Member Choice Award?

War Bots 23% (5)
Tanx 76% (16)

The polls are now closed.

This is your chance to pick your favorite. Give both games a spin and then come back and vote. Voting is restricted to BYOND members only. Voting will close in 24 hours.


- Tanx by Bravo1
Download Tanx

- War Bots by Ill Im
Download War Bots

Note: Two of the submissions were disqualified. If you are the owner and wish to know why, you may contact me directly for an explanation. I will provide the explicit rule(s) that were broken.

Next Steps:
- August 28th
- BYOND Member Choice Awards complete - [WIP]
- Judging complete - [DONE]
- Results published
- Prizes distributed throughout the following week.

To learn more about the contest, go here: PopLava Challenge #1

what rules did i break im srry i dont know what i did wrong
The yea+ button votes for laserdog.
Wait, so there's a total of two submissions for the entire competition now?

yeah now that u disqualifed me there is nobody who can win third place
According to the votes I'm lookin' at, Laserdog is in 2nd. For now.
i was disqualifed but pop lava wont tell me why
So only 2 submissions now? WTF?

-Must be a multi-player game.
- 100% original or legally usable assets (code, sounds, art, images, etc). Submissions with ripped off works are ignored.

This is probably what disqualified you. It's only a guess though.


Yeah -__-