I'm actually going to put all my effort into desigining a game for the first time. I've half-assedly made all my games/demos. I'm tired of looking like a fool when people use/play any of my crappy codes. So I've taken down all my unfinished/crappy hubs; The only one left is my only finished game which is Mountain Climber. However, there is a severe amount of glitches that I've recently discovered so I won't be buying a server for it but you can host it yourself if you so wish. But here is my project which I will add 1 feature a day:

KUROI: The Darkened Day

(Mini Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)

See what I did there? :D


8/14/11: Created Login Screen, Skin
8/15/11: Added Combat/Level System, Skin
8/16/11(Today): Going to add monsters and fix some bugs as well as create a random dungeon generator then I'll save the randomly generated dungeon and map it in manually and then spruce it up, I will do this for all my dungeons so my terrible mapping can't screw it up xD

Runescape & Fallout & Elder Scrolls... That's the combo I'm going for.

Runescapes Gameplay.
Fallout's Perks and Equipment Style.
Elder Scrolls Basic Info(Including the Era that Elder Scrolls is set in and the aspects that comes with it)

Of course everything will have my own style and preferences added; I'll upload a screenshot of my current skin after it's finished.

So what do you guys think of the idea?
You do know that the Elder Scrolls and Fallout are made by the same company and have nearly identical systems, don't you? They are just set in different times.
Go for it, separate the game into fractions and then do one fraction a day and once you've completed that fraction don't do any more work. You'll have it done faster than you know it, that is the process I used to draw 50 GFXed abilities for Devotion in under a week

When I made Pokemon I had a similar mindset. I came right out of developing a pseudo pokemon rip and realized how awful the game I had been working on for almost two years really was. Pokemon, however took a week to make and is excellent for the amount of experience I had.
Don't hate on the dude! It's a beautiful concept. At least it isn't Narto or Bleach ;)
Yusuke13 wrote:
Don't hate on the dude! It's a beautiful concept. At least it isn't Narto or Bleach ;)

I'm just saying. Fallout has the Basic Info too.
Yes Albro I see your point, I should have been more specific by "Basic Info," I'm going for the era that the Elder Scrolls series was set in, along with the factors that come with it. Also, thanks for the support guys I really appreciate it!
Yeah, when I read "Basic Info", I thought you were referring to the giant list of achievements/other crap that nobody ever fully reads that you have access to. Fable has it as well.