Poll: So does everyone like the new layout? Credits go to Teka123, and BYOND!

5/5 28% (4)
4/5 14% (2)
3/5 14% (2)
2/5 14% (2)
1/5 7% (1)
0/5 21% (3)

The polls are now closed.

So guys, I was working on my layout for Undead Gaming, but I fail at HTML and CSS, so I went to the CSS Guild and asked Teka if he could help me out. Well he did, and it's a 5/5 to me! But I'd like to hear your opinions as well!

Teka 123
SadoSoldier(Though I did very little)
1 of each? xD Personally I think below a 4/5 is a little harsh but it's your opinion and I'm fine with it xD *cough* 5/5 *cough* ;)
Is this color scheme based on the Umbrella Corp. by chance?
Coincidentally, yes it was :P It's my favorite color scheme!
Tough crowd, xD


That's the current order of the votes :P
Oh you shouldn't have made this post, As i'm not very good with CSS and a lot of the better CSS people on Byond know that.

So.. there'll be quite a few people who will let me know that i'm a failure too lol.

I expect the overall Vote winner to be.. 0/5 :) lol
Pfft, what are you talking about, you're great! That and most people are voting 0/5 because 1) They don't like me personally, 2) They think it's funny, or 3)...I guess 3 is just that they're douchebags xD

Despite all that, it's my site so only my opinion matters :P 5/5 I say!

Also, it's my fault for putting 0/5 on the poll to begin with >_>
I cheated, I locked it while 5/5 was still the highest score :P
It will go down in history as a 5/5 by majority vote. XD
I voted 2/5. I just don't like it. I hate the spaced out box look that this layout has. I also found the little slogan to be a bit stupid personally. I would have given it a 1 / 5, but you said Teka helped so that gets you a 2/5.
I never intended for the slogan to be permanent, I just needed something to temporarily fill that space xD But thanks for showing Teka that someone cares about his work >___> and yeah, Robot, it is and shall always be a 5/5 by majority vote :P

On this topic, any suggestions for a good slogan? >_>
I was thinking something like...

Protecting Our Constitutional Rights To Eat Bare Arms!(Currently Up There)

Made by Zombies, for Zombies!

Brains! Does a Body Good!

Brains! If Your Not Using Them I Will!

The Disease Is Spreading.

I dunno, just any ideas? :P