Okay guys, I told you that I was going to upload some screenshots today but designing the character creation skin took longer then I thought so they're not completely finished but here they are as promised!

Unfinished Login:

(Not sure why it added a huge white top but whatever)

Unfinished Character Creation:

Yes, yes I know there are flaws, for one the image in the preview is super crappy, but I've only been working for about two hours so to do all that I've done isn't bad. But this is my current screens, I've worked on the actual playing screen but not enough to screenshot it. So what should I change(besides the crappy preview)?
Is this game a MUD?
Coooool. Keep up the good work.
I'm not too keen on what a MUD is but I'm going for a MMO type game, except it won't have as many characters obviously. I believe no, I don't think it's considered a MUD; but I have been wrong before. If MMO's are considered MUDs then yes it is one, if not then no. Lol xD
Thanks Masterdarwin! I will!
A MUD as in a game where the world is comprised of text.
Also, I gave the background of the character creations screen a "Canvas" type feel, since I don't want people getting their hopes up that the game's graphics are going to be like the background, so I tried to throw them off.
Oh, no, the only text is OOC and the chat rooms that will be added for private chat xD