Mecha War

by Teka123
Mecha War
The aim of the game.

Gain as many points as possible, claim as many turrets as possible, build as big an army as possible and kill the opponent as much as you can!

It's a full on action, shooting Mecha, search & destroy, territory control, overwhelm your opponent type of game.
1st! :"D
First is the worst, second is the best.
Well the game's gonna be awesome ;D
Masterdarwin88 wrote:
First is the worst, second is the best.

Dr. Pepper my friend.
Add me as hub editor, Teka... ;)
Why is this not live yet? >;o
It appears i am useless at getting help lol.
Who is OMG I NEED HELP o-o
Enzuigiri wrote:
Who is OMG I NEED HELP o-o

I think Teka put that because he needs help XD ahahah.
Fly's is correct lol :)
Teka123 wrote:
Fly's is correct lol :)

Hahaha, I figured it was correct XD What do you need help with buddy ?
This game gona to become best game of byond.....
yea I agree its gonna be a fun game probably gonna be my favorite then space station 13 will be my second