by Bravo1
Full on Combat.
In the future, war has been eradicated, peace reigns supreme. However, before full peace can be obtained the weapons of war must be destroyed. That's where Tanx comes in.

The first sport to include tanks and their pilots as competitors, Tanx revolutionizes the way people ave fun. Set up your tank, strap in, and go blow something up.


Ver 1.2
-Added "Number of teams" option.
-Changed default amount of teams. Now 2. (Was 4)
-Changed default players per team. Now 4. (Was 3)
-Changed the way AI move towartds thier targets. They're slightly more intelligent and use slightly less CPU.
-Fixed a bug that caused players to retain their scores at the end of the round.

Ver 1.1_1
-Fixed a bug causing the respawn process to fail when changing tanks, or after a round.
-Fixed a bug causing the keyboard controls work incorrectly.

Ver 1.1
-Major: Fixed the mouse controls by switching to a non-javascript detection system.
-Added Spectator Mode Choose it when logging in, or pick it as your team when hosting.
-Added Kill-Cam. It focuses your view on who killed you, until you respawn. Focus can be changed like in spectator mode.
-Added a switch for AI chatter (off by default).
-Changed the frequency of the AI chatter (slightly less often now).

Ver 1.0
-Added Map: Jungle
-Added Tank Engine sounds
-Added Ambient Battle sounds (does not work with volume controls, will fix soon)
-Added Treadmarks
-Added randomized names for AI
-Added randomize AI responses.
-Added a menu button tot he top right. Specifically for opening the menu without "ESC"
-Added "Objective" tab. This displays and describes the gametype.
-Added "Tank" tab. This displays and describes your current tank setup.
-Added "last killed" and "last killed by" to "Stats" tab
-Fixed the bug that caused "null.team" error output
-Changed default color to green.
-Changed color pick from buttons to a cycling list.
-Changed the Scoreboard from a label to a grid. Works/looks better this way. It also includes colored text and grouping based on team.
-Changed how bullets interact with the environment. They no longer collide with friendly tanks, and they can pass over some terrain the tanks cannot. (ex: Water)
-Changed the way kills and deaths show up. You are no longer alerted and are instead displayed "last killed", and "last killed by" in stats.
-Changed how chat appears in the output window. Team color is now clearly defined.
-Removed Menu debugging calls that I accidentally left in.
-Removed several elements from the "Stats" tab, such as turret, chassis, special, etc. Those are now displayed in the "Tank" tab, and are further described.

Ver 0.9_8
-Changed the window size at startup. Tanx now starts in fullscreen to combat mouse lag.
-Fixed mouse aiming issue: The mouse now correctly aims based on your tank position.
Note: The mouse is still laggy, however it works fine in fullscreen after a moment of calibration. (5-10 seconds)
-Fixed a respawn bug that caused it to loop infinitely causing you to never respawn. you now respawn correctly, with a greater safe-zone.
-Fixed a bug that caused Assist AI to not use their secondary weapon.

Ver 0.9_5
-Added Map: Outpost
-Added random respawn locating. (You will respawn in a relatively safe, but randomized position.)
-Added a "Who's Online" Tab, Showing players, their teams and how many AI are in the world.
-Changed map selection to a cycling list, rather than buttons.
-Fixed grammatical errors and missing info.
-Fixed miniturrets turning into full AI tanks when destroyed.
-Fixed the keyboard controls not working when the mouse issue occurs.
-Fixed the assist AI mobs doing nothing. They now actively heal teammates.
-Possible issues: New map might be glitchy, random respawns might cause crashes (in the right scenarios).
An Amazing action game, very fun, entertaining and full of potential!

Probably one of the most enjoyable games i've played on Byond for years.

It really does look like a real game of it's own.
Hey Bravo i got a runtime error while fighting Ai! just thought i'd share it.

was it: Cannot read null.team?

I've noticed that as well, it doesn't effect gameplay and I even put a sanity check in there to make sure it doesn't come up but, somehow, it finds a way.

Thanks for letting me know though!

how is 0.9_8 running?
- Couldn't find chat.
- Full screen really crapped out on me.
- My team seemed to be stuck a lot. I actually saw a number of units just sitting dead in the water.
- I couldn't tell if the game was restarting or respawning. I think the game was ending (someone won) without any obvious notification.
- Bot chat is too busy and I was looking for an off switch so I could tell when someone joined.
- The glowing dots are tough to figure out at first and... they are glowing dots. :)
- I swear I am at full health sometimes and I die from a single shot.
- Hard to see people joining the game.
- No idea if they can auto join or not. Edit, I found out they could be rejoining as a different player.
- The glow ball bonus is described on one tab but that means you can't be on another tab like the WHO tab while playing. I noticed the gray little image changes with the glow balls. Maybe if that was brighter and different colors it would help?

- The startup lag is more playable but it still is sketchy for 10-15 seconds. Better to make people watch a loading screen if its impossible to get rid of.
- Love the tracks. Really adds something.
- Love the medic behavior. Wish it would be a little more squirly about hiding behind the thing its healing so it doesn't just sit still and take damage.

I'm off to read your change list now.

- The new loading screen is great
- Damn sniper is what is getting me in one shot.

Checking out the new maps now.
1. (at startup) "Chat: Enter/Return" o__o

2. Is it the mouse controls or the window itself?

3.Unfortunately this hasn't happened to many others so it'll be tough to figure out if it's a bug. Sorry >_<

4. Sorry, I left some details out for when a round ends. I'll fix that.

5. Login/logout will have be bolded now, and the bot chat will have an on/off switch, as well as being less frequent.

6. I'll include item information on the hub below the description and above the changelog.

7. That can happen, the sniper turret is super strong and the hover and tri chassis are super weak. I'll try slowing d0own the AI's turn speed when they have the sniper.

8. Yep, gonna fix that =P


10. I'll increase the contrast on the special identifier on the top right. I'll also add a sound for when you pick them up. As for the tabs, I can't really put all the info on just one tab, I could but, no one likes to have to scroll through the info, it's easier just to switch the tabs.

Thanks for your input, your contributions and critiques are what make this game better! =)
I didn't realize how much people think that video games should work exactly how they want it to, rather than how the creators do. Oh well.
Having people "complain" means they like it. Silence is the worst possible thing you can get. ;)
First of all, I love the gameplay. Difficult to play without on a touch pad lol. It would be nicer with players instead of AI, but I can't host from here.

The stat tabs are clunky. It would be better if all the info was intuitively put into the interface so that any info the player needs is always on screen instead of having to stop playing to switch tabs.
The mouse icon acts weird in the team picking menu, it flicks back and forth to the windows mouse icon.

I'll be trying it more when I'm home and have a mouse. Keep up the good work =D.
I'll try to get the new key keyboard controls working soon.

As for the stats tabs, I used to have more info show up on screen, however those who choose whether or not a game is featured said it should be put into the stats pane. I'll try to work out some kind of option to change that.

Thanks for the feedback! =)
Not bad. I like it.