Avatar: War of Elements

by MerlinMage
Avatar: War of Elements
This is a game,what inspired by Avatar:The Last Airbender. You can choose your destiny.Join to Fire Nation and try to destroy the world,or join to Water Tribe,live at the Northpole,or Southpole;or in the Earth Kingdom in the big Swamp. There are a lot of

Searching for Staff!! Coders,Hosters,Iconners(not really need) apply!

This will be a Pvp,or RP game. When the teams are meet,do a amazing fight,or become friends. We will have some teams(computer made teams) and groups(player made). We have a lot of elements to learn to bend,and much more egsotic places;intresting items,original fighting style;bending icons... Heres some of nations and places:
Water Tribe:Northpole Tribe,Southpole tribe,Swamp,Town in Fire Nation. Earth Kingdom: Ba-sing-se,O-ma-su,Kyoshi,and other places.

Fire Nation: The big Fire Nation,The Drill,Painted Lady's Town,and more...
Air Nomads: Southhern Air Temple,and more places near the clouds. Earth,Mud,Lava,Metal,Meteor,Crystal,and much more elements to bend.

I'm the Owner/Mapper, Iconner and Host. But need Coders,Iconners,and a hoster,and a Pixel Artist.(I'm learning how to code :D and make interface...and login code,create mob code,say,ooc,whisper;and still learning :3) To apply:add me to friend list,and I'll talk with you. and...We need a forum too,Lol.
i can code for you hehe *.*!
mob/ryufen//<--this is false
var=coder//<--this too
i be coder and iconer
Evilshadow01 wrote:
coder: Hmm...What are things can u code? Projectile? or click to turf,and somethin effect happen? Intresting ^^ iconer:If u can icon what me too,then its ok.Look at the game's icon,a cool rock,cool water bendin ball,Fireball,and air swirl...if you have got a goot sense of colours,and can draw,I accept your requrest to Icon'n Code ^-^ Rated:*****

The game is under construction o.o Its in makeing.
Where r u in the game so far its been awle i added this game to my faves
Are you still working on this?