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Well i have recently tidied up my CSS, so may i ask, hows it look :)??

Ok then!.

The Teka Co Mafia Productions presents...... - just kidding.
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Bleach Dirge of Chaos:
Being worked on by Liam Howe with help from Kisioj.

We've finally gone for that sleek no stat panel look which i really like. :)

The work load is still a bit slow, due to me having internet troubles for a couple of weeks and a lack of communication with Liam and even less communcation with any of the pixel artists(if we have any left now!)

But the game is going fine, Earth's made, Hueco's made, Soul society isn't.. Quincy and Sado have been made, So once this is done it will hopefully be a fun, fast passed action game :).

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Teka Co Chat:
Being worked on by Yusuke13

The App's going well considering the amount of time he's been working on it, it's really coming out well :).

My intention for the Teka Co Chat is to focus on larger discussions.

I wish for people to be able to make their own rooms, make them private, kick who they want, Invite who they want and then use their rooms for productions, interviews, discussions or other chat related conversations.

There will be various byond related items within the applications includeing ways to find the guides and help and listings of various guilds which are of use around byond.

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Forgotten World:
Currently just being dusted off out of the shealth and only thought about being worked on.

You start as a kid at an orphanage with dreams to leave your sealed of village, But the world outside is dserted and full of monsters. Choose your class, master your skills, Kill monsters, Complete quests, Dig tunnels, Mine ore, become a hero or a villain, all in order to find out the truth of the world.

Currently no work has been done recently, though a bug was fixed in levelling so i did have the game re listed, since it is playable and it's still quite nice.

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Mecha Wars:

My newest Idea which was sparked after playing Tanx has already received some art from Yut Put, but im still unsure about who i can hire as a capable programmer who's willing to work with me.

The details of this Mecha. Action Army, territory controlling pvp game can be found on it's hub.

If anyone would like to offer their services for this i would really appreciate it, i need someone who likes the idea and is very capable as well.

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P.S Since i have updated my CSS i decided to Endorse some of the good games of Byond, Of course there's loads of other good Games, but i couldn't find/think of them.

So if you have a suggestion of a game i should endorse let me know so i can consider adding it!
Nice & first
I definitely have to send you SDBO's banner when it's done lol. That one is ugleh :P
Woah! Cool :) I like the CSS and how Forgotten World is going. :P Going to check the other games soon. >P
MDC wrote:
I definitely have to send you SDBO's banner when it's done lol. That one is ugleh :P

The new Teka Co Chat looks amazing!
I still have a few bugs to work out on Teka Co Chat. As soon as those are fixed and a few more shiny buttons are added, we'll be good for release. Give me a day, maybe two. ;)
Nice one loving the CSS update, thinking of officially making a HUB for my project and throwing a few screen shots up in the next few days. Also thinking of redoing my CSS I don't like it anymore.
I like the new update the CSS is good but you sound busy =O
Prox wrote:
I like the new update the CSS is good but you sound busy =O

Yup, he is.
And the CSS is cool Teka. ;)
Nice teka, not Bad :D
You have my mobile number Teka, just send me a text if you need to speak with me lol.
Nice CSS! =3

I was wondering why i havent seen you on much. Well, anyway i cant wait to see BDOC Up And Running, Aswell as Forgotten Worlds. Still need to change quite a few things on my game liek the stat system, and some of the icons to hopefully get my own hub. Anyway, nice work keep going. =3
Forgotten Words is being hosted right now :D
I'll think about it maybe!!!

Though i have no idea what or how fantasie is doing so i'm not sure about supporting it.. :O!
Teka, host Forgotten World :)
Ah Forgotten World, it truly was forgotten tbh, need a lot of tlc that game. I hope that it is completed some day. Be it by mine and Teka's hands or anothers if we decide to pass the torch.
What's up Mecha, long time :D how things?