Ok so I'm looking to add a few staff to my team as i want to speed up development of my game Shin Itsuki Saga: Daemon Hunters!, for those of you who aren't aware of what this game is feel free to go take a look at it, here is the link BAM!

For those interested in learning more about the game and the systems and etc here are a few links to some useful posts that should explain what the game will be like BAM BAM! Kingmangaman?command=view_post&post=117001

Ok then, i suppose i'll have to put down some prerequisites so that i don't end up hiring nubs.

First of the Programmer

The systems in the game will be pretty advanced and i'm not looking to hire anyone part time i need a main programmer, i had Troj who i always usually work with but he's MIA and i can't seem to get in touch with him at all. You'll need at least a good few years background in DM script and hopefully a few live or playable projects to back up those years, hopefully you've took the time to read the links i supplied above, those basically outline the systems in the game so that you know what you're getting yourselves in for. I need someone who's reliable for this position.

So over all i need someone
.In-depth knowledge of programing in DM
.Able to work efficiently
.Needs to be able to show me a few old projects of theirs so i know they're good enough.

Payment, well here's the tricky part, i'm not willing to pay up front as my money situation isn't all that great BUT the game will have a subscription feature which will be $10 for 4 months and $25 for a year and the main programmer will be entitled to 40% of all takings after server money is took out

OK then, now for the pixel artist, i need someone who is good with effects, special attacks and such things, i'll be handling all the turfs and mob's i need someone to create the attacks bearing in mind there will be a lot of different animations being needed, what with there being ice, fire, air, earth attacks and etc...

Applicants must show a portfolio of their art ALL ORIGINAL, i won't be taking on anyone with a reputation of stealing and the pixel artist will never receive the games source, You will need to be able to work fast.

Payment for this position, like i said above my money situation is dire so to payments will be maid up front, but i am willing to give you 15% of the profits made from the subscriptions which hopefully will be more than enough to compensate you for your work.
I'm interested. I don't have time to discuss tonight, but shoot me an email at and I will reply to you tomorrow.

I am a programmer. I don't have much to show other than my library found on my page. You may also want to try the demo on the right side, it shows another way to use my library.

I am confident in my skills, however. I read through your posts and none of it should pose an issue.
Aye, you know who to call bruh (:
I am available today. Feel free to contact me via email or the pager.
Sorry i've been working the past few days, you available now by chance? and i'd need something more substantial than email or pager to get in touch with you, like skype or msn.
I have an MSN, I just wasn't planning on typing it out here.