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Hello BYONDlings, Oasiscircle of the BYONDcast here.
We've got a new key all up and running, huzzah right?
Fellow BYONDling, Teka123 has generously donated us a membership, thanks to him. Everyone should thank him as well. (:

So yeah, new blog to subscribe to. Our affiliate BYOND Journalism is still there, and we thank their staff for their great help on our first few episodes and really getting us established as some type of BYOND Community thing. Thanks to them as well! (:

Anyone that knows anyone that was in the BYONDcast Events or if you know someone follows our casts, make sure you tell them that we've changed BYOND keys.

But what is this post's true purpose? Well it's mostly to test out the #center content so I can further create this CSS. Huzzah!
If you've got a comment/suggestion on what I could do to improve it, just ask. Just remember it's a work in progress! (:

true BYONDlings -nay, just saying
Pretend this is a comment! (:
I like the CSS. Just a small suggestion, change the "[Reply] [Quote]" and the "[Follow this post's comment thread]" to black. You can barely read them, especially the first ones.
@MDC: Done, I was just doing it when you typed it actually! ;)
Great minds think alike ;)
@Neblim: Oh thanks a ton, haha. I'm total trash at making a good avatar-ish icon.
I really like the microphone, but can you perhaps make a headset variation? (:
Nay -1
You should put the headphones on the BYOND atom.
I updated the CSS background to posts, what do you people think? (:
That's my idea, I think it'd be cool. Just a BYOND atom wearing headphones.
@Neblim: Yeah I'll fix that up to something a bit more, robust rather than delicate I guess. I think thicker and cleaner lines would do it just fine.
Edit: And don't worry, I have something up my sleeve for your little mic+headset. Should look awesome. (:
BYOND's jammin' out now!
Now we're talkin'.
Get f0lak as a guest and have him sing.
Updated the 64x64 logo graphic.
What do you guys think? (:
(Check here: )
The checkered blocks kind of look like a mistake.
Yeah, I really need to make them look more prominent, it looked much better on Gimp. ;)
Wow, the background looks awesome now.
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