Recently, I changed the forums around yet again. My ambitions are to require affiliation to the Guild in order to use them, also, I want to see more involvement from those Guild Members!

Every Guild Member Has:

1) The ability to submit a blog post for review.

This means, if you see a game worth reviewing, by all means review it! Come to this site and type up your review and submit it for us to review. If you tend to make a continued contribution to the efforts, I'll surely give you a few cool buttons to play with linked to the site, as well as a (pretty) cool title to go along with it. We need more involvement from you in order to make this work!

2) The knowledge of what kind of games you like to play.

Share with us your philosophies on the forum and tell us what you like to play or what you would like to develop/see developed. Plant a seed and get stuff accomplished!

3) All the tools you need to do something great.

Games don't have to be a huge endeavor. If you have a good idea, a decent understanding of the DM language (or a friend or two that does) and a spare weekend, you can create a game people will want to play. Who says it has to end with release? Make the game playable, fun and halfway decent to look at and release it. Then, update to your heart's content!


A few submissions have been made. A few new promises have been made by developers to work on their submissions.

The thing I hate to hear the most is: I only have [x] amount of days left. I guess I'll catch the next one. I've seen plenty of great games made in 10 days! That was the original deadline. Now, I've also seen plenty of great, fun games made in 5, 3 or even 1 day. No excuses. Just make something!


At the time of this blog post, we haven't had a single submission since the Guild's inception. It's sad. The only submissions we have received were on my personal forum prior to the creation of this site. This site was created 2 August.

Visit the forums today and submit a game of yours or someone else! If the game is considered for listing, the author will be notified and permission will be asked of them. Submit a game you created or just a game you enjoy playing!

That's about all I can think of for now.
Thanks for reading.
i thought blind spot was submitted
I haven't seen a submission request for it in the forums.
Make a sexting contest. I will win.
Alright, I made a post in your forum about my simplest yet very fun game. My oldest running project is The Thirteenth Dimension but that's too complex to be submitted, so I just submitted Blocks.
Oh, how I've wanted to do something like this in my 7 years and 21 days of BYONDing :D
My understanding was that only members can submit, it was in an earlier post, so I haven't submitted anything. If that's not the case, then I can submit two games.
Submit them. But all it takes to be a member is hit the 'fan' button.
I hope I can finish it before the end of the contest, but to submit I just post it in the Submit a game forum right?
Alright, I bought BYOND membership.