The name says it all really. I am looking for a programmer for this new and top secret game I would like to create. :P Which I am hoping to find soon. This is a copy of the classified add, in case anyone didn't see it in the classified section. :P

Project Name:
The project doesn't currently have a title so for now we will just call it "Code Name: Anthology" and see where that leads.

I would like to create a game. I have planned out the details of the game already, however, I do not wish to try and explain it all in this post, needless to say this will be a game of an original concept, and will not be related to anime. This will also be a RPG that I am hoping will be rather extensive and of course fun. For more information about the game and what will be included in the game, please feel free to contact me (my information is below) and I will be happy to fill you in on the details.

Project Goal:
The goal of this project will be to make a large RPG of original concept, as well as offer subscriptions.

Skills Needed:
Essentially what I am looking for is a programmer.
I need someone who has experience, intermediate experience would be preferred, and professional.
I am looking for someone who has been working with DM for a decent amount of time. If you have only been working with DM for a few months or a year, then you are probably not what I am looking for or experienced enough to handle this project, 3 or more years would be best, The more the better.
I am also looking for a programmer who is present. I don't require every second of your life to be devoted to programming for this game, but I would like you to be active and to be able to produce results in a timely manner. This does not mean that you have to rush through the project, I am looking for quality over quantity, however, I do not want to wait 5 years for this project to be completed.
I am also looking for someone who is dedicated to the job. I will be paying you and I will be paying a decent amount, so I do not want someone who will start to do the project and then within a few weeks decide they no longer want to work on it. If you respond to this post then be ready to be in this from start to finish.
I am looking for someone who is opinionated and can/will speak up when need be. This is rather important. If you have an idea, or you dislike something, then I would rather you voice your concerns or suggestion than to push on through the work and then there arise problems later on. I can't promise that I will always agree with you, but I will always take your opinion into consideration.
I am also looking for someone who will think outside the box. Someone who is willing to learn new things if required or is willing to ask for help if need be.
I would love to work with someone who has knowledge of other programming languages. This is not required but is of course nice.

I was inspired by Eternia, and so I have decided to create a budget for this game and set out to find a programmer willing to work with me to create it. I am offering $300 to the programmer who agrees to take on this job. We can work out a payment method when we speak about the game. I will also consider raising the price (as long as it does not go over my budgeted limit) for a more experienced and devoted programmer. And If the game gets done faster than expected, I will be more than happy to offer a bonus for a job well done.

Team Members (Optional):
Currently I am the only member of this team. I am creating the maps, gathering the icons, designing the interface, and I do a little programming (But not at a level of experience to make this game by myself).

Contact Information:
You may E-Mail me at the following places, you may also instant message me from them as well. You will have a higher success rate if you IM me.

AIM - Moussiffer8
Yahoo! IM -

P.S. I didn't really check over this before posting it so if there are any errors in it, it is all my secretaries fault. :P
Arghh, only if you made this post earlier around late may or so I would've helped.
Yeah, it might have been a better idea to do this at the beginning of the summer when most people have more free time. XD But it is what it is.
How much will this project pay out?
Nvm, just read the rest :p.. Sorry ;)
Lol, that's alright. By the way, $300 is just a starter price and can be negotiated. :P
That background pic is bitchin'
I wish I was experienced enough to help you x.x

Good luck!
Haha thanks. :P Teka did a great job putting this CSS together. But the pictures were my idea.
Well perhaps when things get up and running I will take you up on your Server offer. =] I will be in need of a good shell server.
If you fancy trialling me, I would :]
I would need a little more information about yourself. Send me a IM.