I finally submitted Mines & Flags after working on it all day yesterday and as much as I could today.

Whoo. It turned out okay.
Some things I wish I could do:
  • Add music/sound effects.
  • Prettier graphics.
  • More options.

Right, I was going to take some screenshots.

Vore for your favorite game here!
Hello Complex Robot, I'm hosting Mines & Flags for the next two or three days, because it's the second multi-player game which has the highest vote. Lugia's game is single-player.
I'm going to take a break from working on this for a bit.
I like this game, it's pretty cool, and unique, tbh I think this deserves second spot, not to disparage Lugia, I just prefer this one. (though I'm not giving up my first place, lol)
Well, thanks a lot!
Your game was pretty nice. It deserves first place, if you ask me.
Not to mention you only made it in a day.
(Though, a lot of the game is the graphics and sound which were pretty good additions.)