The Knight

by Lugia319
Remember the Knight's Tour?
Because I have an eternally outstanding hatred of Queens, I will often play queenless games (for me. The opponent has a choice). Due to this, I have to learn how to play Chess without a curb-stomp queen. This resulted in my developing the Knight.

This game is very similar to "The Knight's Tour," a mathematical puzzle from over a millennium ago. That's right, MATHEMATICAL PUZZLE FROM OVER A MILLENNIUM AGO! *cough* Anyway, I found out that it was called the Knight's Tour many many months after I found it on my calculator. I decided to revise the game a bit. In my game, the Knight CANNOT jump over obstacles. I did shove in "The Knight's Tour" (Where you can jump over obstacles) though.

Casual: Knight cannot jump over obstacles.
Classic: "The Knight's Tour." The Knight can jump over obstacles.

I should note that because Casual Mode is the actual game, (And that you can easily find the answer to Classic Mode) the Scores updates only after a Casual game has been completed. The maximum score for clasic mode is 63. The maximum score for Casual mode is unknown...

Latest Update:

- Casual Mode has been renamed to Classic Mode. The Knight's Tour mode is now called the Knight's Tour. This is to prevent confusion between game modes
- Attempted to clarify Classic rules EVEN FURTHER than I did before because people don't seem to get that you cannot move one step then two. It has to be two then one.

Coder - Lugia319 (Artemis)
- Also did work on medals. (Ace of the Board)
Icons - JoshuaRay202
Skin Images - Slic3y (Slice)
- Also did work on medals (Black Knight)
Deciding for the Simple developments poll : hm

Interesting game, I managed to complete the classic mode once :)

But my highest score on Casual was only 18 unfortunately.

Why doesn't the hub scoreboard update?
Blast. I updated but forgot to upload new files. Wait a minute.
I got 53.
Pretty cool game.
Good luck on the contest!
It's been close, so far.
Scores have been fixed.
Do the scores apply to casual or classic games?
Also, what's the difference between classic and casual? I couldn't figure it out from the in-game stuff.
Grrr. I got 54. I wanna see the score show up.
You need to update your files. And you need to play on Casual mode. I have updated the hub to explain the score output.

The difference between Casual and Classic is that Classic is The Knight's tour. You can jump over destroyed tiles. In casual, you cannot. So you can only move 2 spaces forward and 1 space perpendicular to that axis.
Oh. So I'm not super-skilled or something... XD
I am winning! Aaaarg!
Yar! I don't know why but it takes like a minute or two to register your score. So don't freak out if it doesn't update immediately, it will update.
But it get's overwritten by lower scores if I play again :[
It shouldn't, I thought I fixed that.

Edit: Blast, I didn't. I'll get to work. In the meantime, I'll remember your score.
Scores are officially fixed!
Holy crap. Stop. You own the game. Let me win D;<
But that medal is gonna be awesome =O
I solidified my win.
I won child. Gimme' meh medal!
31! Impossible!
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