well i got bored and after playing DA:O i got into the RPG Mood... So i decided to make an Original -Artwork will be from BE:R or myself.- RPG Based game... Its pretty much in pre-pre- Alpha atm, and is being hosted 24/7. As of now im calling it "Eternity" Untill i can think of a better name.... thats all.
I wont be surprised if the game is just like BE. You will copy paste, that's what people have been saying about you as I heard.
Millamber just spits out random stuff to Recruit new members to his game rather than them playing mine even though ive updated about 10x more than he has. And the fact is, i dont care enough to go talking trash back to try and get members back, i could honestly care less, as for Eternity, its already up, and if you join it youll blantly see its a load different.
Gossip, let's grow up now. Jester's work is Jester's work, just getting better in time, this new Rpg, is surely to be a work of art, watch the work in progress xD