TU(The Universe); has a new better providing system with cheap prices!(No more free ):)

1 Hour FREE hosting trial session(to see if you like our server), once that is done, the server goes down, you will have another hour to think about it and give us feedback and such. If you don't like/want us, everything is deleted(Player saves, hosting files, etc) since you won't need us in the future(Or not). If you do like us, here's our prices:

Server Specs;
Quad Core 4GHZ Processor
8 gigs of Ram
100mbps Uplink

Bronze Hosting: $8(1Port) Monthly
Sliver Hosting: $14(2Ports) Monthly
Gold Hosting: $18(Unlimited Ports) Monthly

If you wish to customize/buy your own Server, please give us an Email at: UniverseHosting[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we will reply right back to you ASAP!, Thank You!


Money Back Guarantee: If not completely satisfied within 24 hours, all funds will be

Complaints, etc: If complaint is filed after 24 hours, 1st week's payment cannot be refunded, but
anything after will be. (IE: paid for 1 month and not satisfied after 24 hour window is
closed, refund will be in the amount of $4 keeping the $2 first week fee. The server can
remain up for the remainder of the week.)


Access to Shell Server/Panel? - No.

Server Portions -

Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Disk Space
512mb of RAM
1 Game server

Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Disk Space
1gb of RAM
2 Game servers

Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Diskspace
1536mb of RAM(Aprox 1.5gb)
Unlimited Game servers

Operating System - Debian 5 32-Bit

Any more, please give me a Page!

~TU Hosting.

PS: I did not know there was a key named; The Planet o.o
O god TU is awesome. He's 100% legit.
Thanx! Hope other people like the services tho :P
Hope this kicks off ;o
Looks good.
looks good, hope this kicks offs
Do customers get shell access?
What portion of that server is given to bronze, silver and gold customers?
Lol, looks like 2 comments mixed together, but anyways thanks!
Great Question! Adding it to the post. Anything else, give me a page (:
Wow, you didn't know about the planet. That's falacy =P
Not after I saw, Bleach Eternity :o.
What OS?
seems decent. but what OS?
btw, SSH stands for "Secure shell".
I dont think people realize that they cannot make a shellserver on a standard homebased computer. If you buy a server-system and host BYOND games, i think you can call it a shell server. I am myself planning on buying a cheap server-system that handles both minecraft and byond, so i kind of know what i am talking about.
A legit server has some speciffications you have to get.
A Intel Xeon processor would be vice to use. doesnt have to be fast as 3Ghz or a quad core. dual core is way enough for BYOND games. Having more storage drivers in Rade should also be the smartest thing to do.

btw... and what processor are you using?
Exactly Tafe (:
@ I know what SSH means, but I used it for short :P
Some people are asking what Operating System the server is using.
Window's 2008 Server something c:
Ours isn't so bad :D
Masterralphy55 wrote:
Window's 2008 Server something c:

What edition? Standard, database or enterprise?
Raimo wrote:
Masterralphy55 wrote:
Window's 2008 Server something c:

What edition? Standard, database or enterprise?

well, thats awesome :3
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