HI! Black Star here(This is how i will begin all my Posts.)Whats with Css? Well I wanted to keep it simple, I'll be trying to be more social this time around, Make use of the membership! I'm Not much of a Blogger so excuse my un-Blogger like tendentiousness.

Rise of the pirates!?

Some news about the game, For those too lazy to Join the forums or even those who don't know what Rise even is click the link above, Well since funimation forced Byond to unlist the game, We have chosen to take an original approach, Which in all honesty actually turned out to be fun, Alot more freedom is offered when you dont have to worry about straying from the anime/manga..The Staff and myself are working our asses off to make this game one Byond will be proud to have on it's site!
Pixel Artist are always welcomed! Were kind of indeed of them.

Mhm, nuff said.