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Last Week:

Poplava Development Team:

- The project has officially begun.
- Albro1 has joined the project as a developer and is taking on some of the developer 1 tasks. He's already tackled a couple of them.
- We started yesterday and we've got the splash screen, lobby+chat, money system, and initial game screen done.
- Here's a screenshot from the prototype for the scope. I hacked together some place holder art to demonstrate some fun scope behavior that I was playing around with.

- The Project Manager for SnipeFest continues his efforts to recruit talented people and is now providing cash for completed tasks. At present, $204.00 is up for grabs and gets paid out per task. As tasks are uncovered, those get added to the list and paid out as well. Getting paid in Resource Center Silver or BYOND Memberships are also options.
- If your interested in joining the Poplava Development Team, please go here: 1V_bMgbbpVEcTpVYfmxtMGlFyBo_FvmnelY99XnblCxk/edit?hl=en_US
- We can be reached via the Resource Centers messaging system or by email which is

Poplava Resource Center:

- A bunch of minor bug fixes.
- Removed BuyXP in preparation for some major revisions to the rank system.

This Week:

Poplava Development Team:

- We are still looking for more people who are interested in working on projects for profit. Besides the obvious need for developers, we are especially interested in game designers who have what it takes to hash out ideas and crank out money making ideas that can be completed within a couple of months. Its becoming more clear to me that designers will need to have thick skins and be open to many designs vs the one they are bringing to the table. We're not looking for dream games. We're looking for easy to make money makers. Casual games are a primary area of focus while typical RPG's are avoided for obvious reasons. I'll put some more thought into how we can hash out more designs in less time.

- I'm also realizing that people don't seem to be taking well to the concept or perhaps the amount of reading. I'm starting to wonder if a change in my marketing strategy is needed. I could do fewer words, more pictures, more sales pitches, more fluff vs dry facts, and etc. Anyway, I'll put some thought and effort behind this as we go forward.

Resource Center:

- Continue making the changes for the Collaboration Projects.

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