Yeah I know. It's been a while since it saw the limelight.

I haven't stopped working on it. It looks really good the way it's placed right now. Anyway, here's the next release for you to play around with.

EDIT: I added attacking to it! (press Z to attack)

After all that time, there are only 2 rooms to explore? D:
I want more!
It's smooth and it looks good! Glad to see some progress.

Are you using 16x16 icons?
Nay. I am using 20x20 icons (scaled 2x)
I'm guessing the window size is double, and not the actual icons. It's odd, I have a great graphics card, but whenever people do that on BYOND it all looks fuzzy as if it was improperly stretched.
It's actually because of an option set in BYOND. In the pager, go to "File" -> "Preferences..." and then go to the "Games" tab. If the "Use graphics hardware for displaying maps" button is not checked, check it. Otherwise, try it unchecked.
All that did was take away the MAJOR anti-aliasing. It still looked hideously fuzzy.