Naruto: Universe Online

by Universe Productions
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Can I Host your server 24 hours a day, contact me if you want!
In response to Mauricio0001 (#60)
Ima be the host actually
Screenshots seems promising, I'm going to try this out
I've got my own shell, I guess.
when this game will be up?
Im not jokeing
This game compared to "Naruto Online" This game will be the best game of Naruto ever existed on BYOND apparently GOA will now be the 2nd since the Beta Server coming up Juicy with some good prevents of icons and tiles and shit .
ty for the compliment..!! ^^
Appreciate it.
I know you guys are waiting a long time for NUO and i promise, that the waiting will pay off, just be patient a little longer :)

ill host please!!!!!!
Jondave15 . They wouldn't give you that dahm , Host file for NON >:O
Battle System- A Unique Battle System made by CB that shows a combo system!

Not pointing fingers or anything; however, is that my combo system? Or did he make his own?
what do u think >_< its not yours ofcourse>.>
When will this game be done? D:
aleast can someone tell uf if they are still working at the game :( ?
Everybody I'm trying to get all the staff again to restart this project. So please bare with me, hopefully we will get this project up and running again.
We hope so! It looked great so far.
GUYS WERE BACK :D I just need the password for NUO since I forgot it ;( But I'll get it soon. We revamped EVERYTHING! I'll show some screenshots when i Get the password :p
do you guys need donations?
Yeah if you want to donate just send the donation to in paypal.
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Mrdude1 wrote:
do you guys need donations?

I wouldn't donate to this game until you actually see screenshots other than the title screen.
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