Poll: Will Rise of the Pirates Make its Open testing deadline?!

No 25% (13)
Yes 39% (20)
I don't care aslong as its good. Take your time. 35% (18)

The polls are now closed.

August is coming to an end! our date to begin open testing was "Some time in August" Oh Noez, Do you think we will make it?

On to some game news! Well I found out mapping was very tedious. Being the only programmer(by choice)I cant be bothered, an SoS was posted in the forums, Hope we find some one soon! Production wise we are on point life is a bit hectic on my end but you won't hear me complain, we all have problems. That is all!
It'll get done >_<
u better black !
Hikari-Maya wrote:
u better black !

Mercy ;D
Well cant wait i think you sould take your time insted of trying to rush a slow paced pro graphics is better then fast paced Decent graphics.And coding wise also
Just take your time, Don't make it like that one piece game by charlseg though. Its been in progress for like 5 years and we haven't even seen the base yet.
take your time but making us wait for this cool game will kill use before it comes out :P