Base Progress:
Im using a free Resource base by Branks as of now, untill he finishes his progress on Trap Em a game im very excited for.

Interface Progress:
Aswell as changing the panel 'Hotkeys' To clickable buttons on a panel toggle bar, Ive managed to make not on the stat panel, but the chat and info boxes movable. Im testing a way to see if i can make the Map moveable aswell, this way you'll be able to fully customize your own interface.

CSS Update:
Teka informed me that the main title of my CSS was hidden, which i was not aware of untill about an hour ago. Although im not normally one to 'Tinker' with layouts, i did manage to get it up thare i think. I also managed to get my 'Large Icon' to show again, Although, that was most likely some of Teka's doing.