So.. for quite some time(as of July 2010, actually.) I've been working on a new Naruto fangame. I worked on it for about 2, maybe 3, months, then went on a hiatus for about a year. It's called Naruto Shinobi Universe. Well anyways, NSU is an Naruto game thats staying very accurate to the series. Before adding anything, I do research to make sure I get everything as close as possible to the anime.

Here are a few visuals(outdated, check out the hub for up-to-date pictures)

Here is an Uchiha using Sasukes Mangekyou Sharingan, (which along with other mangs, will be very rare/difficult to obtain), I've made the bleeding eyes, as Mangekyou's incomplete version is hazardous to it's user. The eyes beside the player appear for 3 seconds, and are just for a little extra detail and to inform other players of the users Mangekyou.

Chibaku Tensai, my favorite skill so far, pulls out rocks/boulders from the grounds and pulls in all nearby players unincluding the user.

Chibaku Tensai at it's complete form, the boulders and rocks seen floating, fly towards the center of the Chibaku Tensai, expanding it in size and increasing the gravitational pull. In other words, the bigger it gets, the more difficult it becomes to escape it's wrath.

Here is the skill tree, this is definitely going to be changing a lot in the future, as many of these skills will not be part of the skill tree and will have to be obtained in other ways, for example, Sage Mode, and the previously explained Mangekyou Sharingan.

I plan on making combat balanced, a squad & solo based mission system, combining elements, secret techniques, highly interactive maps & areas and the most up-to-date skills as seen on the manga.

There's still much more ideas I have planned for this game, some which aren't part of any other Naruto game on BYOND to date but those are tba.

I'm looking for pixel artists and graphics/interface designers because so far progress on the game has been fairly slow as I'm a one man team handling everything. If you're interested, please email me at I am also looking for suggestions and ideas to make this game come out on top, so I would love to hear some! I'm currently still on summer break so I've been working on this game over 6 hours a day, so I have time to add in any cool concepts that interest me :)

Also, alpha testing for the game is coming very soon, so stay tuned!

If you'd like to see a bit more information and few more in game visuals, please visit the hub here
hmm seems like a decent amount of thought and work has been put into it.. Will be good to see if its actually any good though.
Thanks:), I'm hoping it'll be a hit. Alpha testing is coming next week or so, try to drop by!
What i find most annoying bout a game that uses skill trees is there is never much thought in the trees themselfs. the game im working on, if you can call it that since i always find myself sitting with it open and doing nothing. ive put alot of thought into my skill trees. so if i do drop by that will be the first thing ill be reviewing
Don't worry, the current skill tree is faaar from it's final product. I'm going to be revamping it soon, and a lot of these skills wont even be part of the skill tree.
its not so much a matter of removing skills from the game. heck the more the merrier im just talking about how its intertwined into the game and how its handled.
Nonono, that's not what I meant. I mean I'm removing them from only the skill tree and putting other, more interactive ways to learn the more experienced skills. Meaning basics for the skill tree, maybe one or two decent skills, and the rest of the skills are either learned secretly, through scrolls, npc's, or performing handseals.
Nice nice.. One thing id like to say though is "performing handseals" tbh thats a BIG NO NO in my books. i was originally going to make a naruto fangame but i decided to stop that and go original ill throw a couple ideas for skill trees that could work nicely for naruto.

1. Skill points gained when you do a quest, level up etc etc w.e.. these will allow you to buy skills from the skilltree.
2. Allow skills to be gained automatically whilst training so if someone reaches a certain level in stats they gain a skill (depending on how you do stats)
3. Scrolls for learning skills
4. NPCs, im not a big fan of npcs just giving away skills so maybe bring in a quest system and make you do a bunch of quests for the skill.
5. NPC stages. this is a mixup on the handseals thing but would require some form of recognition. you go to a npc and get the quest for a skill. he then tells you to do the heandseals needed for a jutsu. once you do the handseals you talk to him again and then he tells you to continue to practice and after say 10 repeats of the correct handseal sequence you get the jutsu from him.

there are alot of ways you can do it. and the more diverse you make your skill system and skill gaining the better the game will be in the long run.
I like those ideas, oh and I have I've already had it so if you have the certain mastery in the particular element, the npc would tell you the handseals needed to perform. Once you perform it correctly, you aquire the skill. I might have it repeat. Also for some skills I plan on making them obtained through quests. I plan on having multiple ways to unlock skills so the game doesn't get repetitive. One thing, I'm not really sure having players obtain skills automatically while training because it isn't very true to the show(for the most part). As for leveling, there aren't levels but there are passives that you train through whatever method it tells you and that affects performance in combat and noncombat.
Well technically they do gain skills by training. albeit its usually through the use of doing handseals constantly but you could always mix the two. if they only learned skills from scrolls and teachers how else are new ones going to form.
That's what I meant by 'for the most part' because originally the skills they obtain themselves are usually through Kekkai Genkai or learning basic techniques and expanding off them. For example, Sasuke didn't have a wide variety of moves, a lot of his techniques were tought by Kakashi. Like Chidori. Kakashi thought him it, and Sasuke expanded it into a wide variety of lightning based techniques. But as for most skills, e.g. multiple shadow clone(learned from a scroll), rasengan(learned from a teacher), and inner gates, but yeah I think you just helped me spark a nice idea. I might have it so that their will be some skills that you learn automatically but it'll come randomly, not at a certain time/level. That way their will be jutsus not everyone has, and it'll add a bit of uniqueness to some players. Also if they're Jounin, they'll be able to pass on their techniques to their squad.
Yea but its not like someone comes into the world with a Kekkai Genkai and is like. I know all the skills my kekkai can do, every ninja has the possibility to expand vastly on the skills they have. albeit its not really shown much in the anime and manga but the possibility is there. They just cant show it all because then it would just stretch to far.

And so long as im helping you spark ideas thats great :P. Ive been looking into my skill system recently since ive made an entirely fresh environment and revisiting all my systems. so How are you currently doing the skilltree system? if plausible a detailed explanation would be nice, code is also nice to see. or you can tell me to bugger off :p all are acceptable i just like to see how others do things and modify em

oh and those icons are nice. Do you do them yourself or do you have an iconner?
Yeah I see what you mean. I might actually make it so you need to reach a certain point to get Kekkai Genkai skills.

and yeah I made most of them myself. The base, most of the skills(besides a few of the bigger ones like Kirin/Rasenshuriken), the water(which I pretty proud of), the grass, and a few other turfs/objects are mine, but I also have a few placeholders til I can find a pixel artist because I don't have enough time to pixel art, program, design, map and everything else. Especially since school just started for me.

also yeah you can see the code, it's a little over a year old and it isn't mine, and I haven't really revised it much, but expanded on it a little bit. I think it was from this one demo.

winset(src, "default.SP", "text=SP-[src.SP]")
for(var/image/I in client.images) if(I && I.tag == "Skilltree")
del I
for(var/Jutsus/S in oview(10,client.eye))
if(!(locate(S.requiredskills) in src.Jutsus) && S.requiredskills!=null||S.requiredclan!=null&&S.requiredclan!=src.Clan)
var/image/I = new('Jutsus.dmi',S.loc,"Locked",layer=202)
I.tag = "Skilltree"
client.images += I
if(!(S.Element in src.Elements))
var/image/II = new('Jutsus.dmi',S.loc,"Locked",layer=202)
II.tag = "Skilltree"
client.images += II

The skill tree is on a map.
haha if you were like me and took all computing classes id just chill my time coding and shit through school. i did a business class and 2 IT classes so if i was coding back then i totally woulda just chilled my time and done it during school.

And your icons are pretty nifty. I need to go learn how to icon properly haha im not that good at iconning i can do abit but im rusty nowdays even when i wasnt rusty my icons werent exactly topshit
damn that sounds good like a good ass idea. and thanks:) i used to suck ass, i got decent last year, and a bit better this year. it isn't that hard, just practice a bit and read some tutorials, doesn't really take much.
mm true true i guess lol but im to lazy to hunt for some iconning tuts.
If your looking for a programmer i can help. I like to think i'm very advanced. Also wheres the narto frogs >:(.