Recently ive been working my arse off on Eternity.(Still yet to have a decent banner for, its current one is just a placeholder. Would be nice if someone helped me out with this.) So far ive completely revised it's Interface; Now including free-scale moving of all main panels, a slicker look to all the panels, And a color scheme more relating to the game. Ive also completely rewritten its Quests, And Questing System to work more fluently. Lastly, ive revised the stat gaining process aswell as all the AI's statistics. Seemed a bit unfair having AIs with 10+ stats withing someone with 5 stats. Now, along with adding a few new areas, i can wait for Branks to finish up with his games and make the bases i need. =3

Thats about all i really have to say, ill most likely upload screenshots of the new Interface soon if you dont want to just check it out on Eternity itself.(Is hosted 24/7)

Thanks for your time, Jester <3