This project is a long term project based on my concept art and comic, self titled Wreckquiem. It's a dark styled concept that resembles somewhat Naruto in the unique villages controlling separate lands (Feudal systems practically).

The art will be top notch, because after the game is ready to take off I will fly off of Byond and create it's own client.exe, thus this project is meant to be completed and not experimented with.

Here is a taste of what to expect, this is the WereCrow, master of all that is hatred and pain;

He will guide the mistreated Crows that wish to follow the path of revenge against their unfair bretheren, the Ravens.

Doesn't make sense now, but it will once you play the game.

- Project will not take off until next month.
Sounds good, looks evil, good luck and that looks pretty awesome :P
What do u mean fly off of byond nd create its own client u leaving byond?
Yes this will be my last Byond game, I want to take a bite out of professional game developing with this 2d MMORPG.
Dang that's uncool really wanted to learn so much about pixel art from you well this officially sucks :<
Oh nd what will bcomr of narutox I ws really really looking forward to that and now I'm looking forward to ur new one
I'm done with fan games... PZ is going to get the last few updates, and then it'll be put aside.
Dang would u let someone else control ur games? Or at least tell us vthe new site ull be making :)
No. I don't believe in socialism. And the new site I'll be making is completely dedicated to Wreckquiem, like any other mmorpg dedicated site would be... Main page, news, media, info etc.
Cool can't wait
No more NarutoX?
Masterralphy55 wrote:
No more NarutoX?

Ikr. :(
No more NX, PZ will be updated during the fall.