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Download Here (Requires BYOND 490 Beta+)

There are a few bugs with the screen transitioners, I'll be sure to work those out in time for something I'll be working on. (:

We NEED a Kid Icarus game on BYOND!
That's pretty neat-o.
Lol looks good.
Very cool. Have you tried it over a network?
****ing win!
I LOVE Kid Icarus. This must continue. Trying to get people to jump off my head (glitch).
I lubs kid icarus. -*thumbs up*-
Tom wrote:
Very cool. Have you tried it over a network?

We tested it online. Unlike my Megaman test, where the network delay was constantly resetting and causing me and others lag, this time it was more or less perfect online. My network delay was still changing a lot, but not much more than how it used to on hosted BYOND games.
Dunno if it's supposed to happen, but when I run off an edge, I can jump without being on the ground.

Eitherway, Love that it has pixel movement. How does Pixel Movement work online? Does it lag like Forum_Account's Pixel Movement or does it handle lag as well as Tile Based?
@Truseeker: It handles it quite well! (:
And even before I have really made the whole movement system really as CPU perfect as possible. (:
y he no fly