Last Week:

Poplava Collaboration Projects:
- Hashing out an improved Task List for all projects
- Doing some reading and brainstorming around branding

- Albro1 [Developer]: Knocked out a couple tasks and earned a few bucks.
- tsfreaks [Project Manager]: Finished a couple of tasks and hashed out a swapmap loading demo for the project which ended up being posted in the Resource Center catalog.

- tsfreaks [Project Manager]: Alpha testing with human players and fixing some bugs. Also started to create the 1 Pager and Task List docs.

Resource Center:
- Added a rank page which displays all ranking members.
- Made ranks more visible by adding them to the players names in chat.
- Reset XP for all non-contributors. XP/Rank will now mean something going forward. The higher your rank, the more you have contributed and the more you are trusted in terms of collaboration projects .

This Week:

Poplava Collaboration Projects:
- Improve our strategy for recruiting talented people.
- Improve the designer templates as well as the work flow for submitting new designs.
- Revamp a number of documents to be shorter and more readable.
- Recruit more designers
- Get another entry level project going

- Continue recruiting
- Revamp the tasks into user stories and try to make them more specific.
- Add the V2 & v3 tasks

- Finish the 1 Pager
- Finish the task list
- Finish the prototype (Pretty much done)

Resource Center:
- Start working on how the collaboration projects will be managed for payouts.
- Spend some time thinking about how ranks will effect the price of assets. I intend to let people have free access to my assets depending on their rank. I think it will be a drop down choice when editing or creating an asset.

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So... technically, I'm the most trusted person besides tsfreaks! :P
Ganing wrote:
So... technically, I'm the most trusted person besides tsfreaks! :P

:) At the moment, yes. Although, people who participate in the collaboration efforts should skyrocket in terms of XP.