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Tl;Dr of Post: I have plans but I'm busy; enjoy the tech demo/HUB Here.

It is that time of year again when people start to get less free time and start to get back into the school year. As such I haven't found time to work on RPG but I have been thinking out it.

I added a HUB for the game, and included the tech-demo for feedback.

It currently keeps track of highest-level and deepest-floor reached.

In my last post I asked a question about session-based play. What this would entail is a few people creating a "session" and the host starting when ever he feels ready. Death is permanent but doesn't result in the game ending until all the players are incapacitated. Nothing would regenerate/re-spawn either and I'm still debating how to handle late joiners if at all.

The original idea for RPG was to have a open over world with various dungeons opening all over it of varying degrees of difficulty. While I still want to do that I'm apprehensive whether it will be appreciated or not.

The session based idea will stand for now until I feel I have a good working solid base, at which point I'll feel comfortable with applying a over world.

Edit: I added a crude monster scaling for the moment so that the rats and slimes aren't useless later on (since I have to add more monsters).

At the moment there is no help-file or such and all spells are available to you.
As you can see, I was quite bored.

Just a few things:
- I've never been a big fan of having to un-equip one thing in order to equip something else, especially when all the equipment is jumbled up in one menu like you have here. I think about 5% of the time, I was in the menu fiddling with what I had to un-equip in order to equip say... a bracelet.

I would suggest maybe identifying what type of equip is what by giving them distinct background colors, or just have the new equipment you're trying to equip automatically un-equip the old one.

- I didn't really play around with the spells much because I didn't really have to. Rage is a ridiculously overpowered buff with the monsters that were provided in the demo. Coupled with all DEX equips, it didn't take long to be able to one-hit everything at god-like speed.

One other reason why I didn't play with spells much was because their damage didn't seem to increase that much. I originally want to cast spells, as usual, but decided against it because pure melee was more efficient. Just throwing that out there.

- There was a bit of a slow down during certain parts of the crawl, most notably when you entered a lower floor or approached a room absolutely filled with monsters. Though I guess this is to be expected when the game starts generating a couple hundred mobs. It wasn't too bad though. At worst I only experienced about 5 seconds of slow down at once.

Other than that, this was a good time sucker. I'm looking forward to the full version. :)
You can attack things while you're dead.
@Mfc: I think the main issue is I haven't worked in monster scaling with leveling and just made it so more monsters appear.

@ExP: That was going to be a feature in which you could still level up but not do anything and your score didn't register - but I'm probably going to limit that.
Casting raise dead on a rat made a zombie rat that tried to eat my brains. Naturally, I killed it again. Thought it might be fun to raise dead on it AGAIN, and kill it again. Rinse, repeat. The re-re-re-re-...-nthRe-undead rat became especially pale and extra extra undead and dead. Then somehow I became a ghost. The end. (Not sure if I cast raise dead on myself on accident or if suddenly that rat that dealt 1dmg a tick killed me by suddenly hitting for a buttload)
@Ver: The icon is a bug, and I still need to code companions. You may have died due to overcasting, once your mana is empty the remainder needed to cast the spell comes out of your life at twice the rate.
I added a crude monster scaling for the moment so that the rats and slimes aren't useless later on (since I have to add more monsters).