Keywords: remake, retake
Hey, long time. BYOND shortly distanced away for a couple of weeks but now i'm back with some cool titles, sources, libs

The Sims BYOND Edition - a massive multiplayer landscape built by you and others. from houses to churches to skyscrapers, you may even import your own icons into the game to mix it up alittle. customize your character with over 120+ different looks - beta in 2 days

Farmlife - it's been a while since i lasted checked the source of farmlife but this game is unique and could do with a new skin, couple of new stuff, animals plus a fish aquarium for all the fish lovers out there P.S: Nemo Might Appear!

Nazi Zombie BYOND - upon creating nazi zombie with a top down view, i losted interest in it and sorta found new ways to build games on BYOND. I think now is the time to give it up and share it with the rest of BYOND community will be made available tomorrow

Beta Login - will be more advanced with users logging in and out of the client

Hud system - allowing players to use my coding as a easy way to set up, change, display, width and height a hud object without removing it from the screen

Can't Wait for The Sims BYOND Edition

I think you should try your hand on a Multiplayer COD Game.