Combat Combos

by Lugia319
A demo on user defined combos
Too often have I seen games not utilize the full capabilities of combat. It's always

Zapdos used Thunder!
But it missed!
Caterpie used String Shot!
Zapdos fainted! (How does that even happen?!!)

Everyone uses the same boring stuff! This demo shows you how to use an alternate method of actually making combos to use in your games. So when I press QWE I get to use my Shoryuken.

Latest Update: Bugfix - Messes did not reset variables properly.

Note: THIS CODE IS NOT LIMITED TO 2 KEYS! Yes, all of the combos I put in are, but you can easily expand the combo list on your own. Just make sure that the paths to each combo are unique. The combo system checks to see if the combo you're trying to use was completed at every step of the combo. So if there are 2 defined combos Q-W-E and Q-W-E-R, the Q-W-E-R combo will never be reached because the combo Q-W-E will be completed and reset your variables.

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