Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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Currently, client/MouseDown() only functions over specific places. Most importantly, it doesn't function over the black space around maps (when an un-stretched map doesn't fill the entire control, for example). This is quite undesirable, and especially hindering when trying to make a sort of shooter.

client/MouseUp(), however, will function everywhere, even if your mouse is completely outside of the BYOND game's window.
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I noticed this oddity before myself. It's hard to tell if it's a bug or a lack of a feature. Either way it's annoying to have to make an object just so MouseDown() detects properly. Even then, it doesn't help for clicking the black border of the map when you have a misproportioned view size.

I can see how this would bring up issues with some games that use MouseDown() though. While adding functionality it would also screw with their current setups as the "control" argument would have to be taken into account. That's an easy fix though, so long as it's explicitly stated that it must be added in the changelog so that clicking a tab in your info pane won't cause mouse actions for the map.
A built-in solution for this (for all mouse events) could be interesting. Currently what I do to detect the mouse over the void is to fill client.screen with an object with mouse_opacity = 2 and a really low layer.