Last Week:

Collaboration Projects:
- Started work on a new design document for a persistent RTS. I don't think this one hit the mark in terms of adding an entry level project. I need to go back to the drawing board for this. An idea just hit me though which will be fun. More to come.

- There are two more folks who are interested in joining so I'l be working with them over the weekend and early next week to see if we can get them going on something.

- Reset permissions to documentation across the board until I work some stuff out.

- I got promoted into a leadership role at work and the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy. In short, more time there equals less time "here".

- Migrated the prototype shooter into the game, created a prototype map, added randomly moving AI units which move throughout the building. Added basic hit detection and bullet marks.

- Continued writing out User Stories (Tasks).

Resource Center:
- Reading up on some stuff and seeing how well it applies to old ideas.

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