Keywords: beep, chat, hostable, program
So I decided to work on a little chat program I call Beep!. My primary reason for creating this program is that there is no updated chat program that allows its users to host their own server. To make matters worse, most chat programs have programmed admins who may, in some peoples eyes, punish unfairly.

To avoid all those problems, if a person doesn't like one servers rules, they can go to another or even host their own and create their own admin team. Will this divide some people? Sure, but they'd be banned and divided anyway. So this, in my opinion, is the best solution to serve everyone and the widest user base possible.

Check it out at

Currently in Alpha, expect fast updates Fri-Sun, and slower ones during the week. Post feedback and suggestions in the comments.
Interesting. I will check it out.

Good job at deleting the nub's comment.
We have many chat programs. If you wana compete, you better make it epic.
I'm willing to read all your suggestions. If any suggestions look good, or begin raising support, I will add them. Right now this project is becoming a game of ideas as I finally have some buddies to try and break the program.
Chatters actually lets you host your own rooms as well, in fact, it uses pretty much the same idea as you. If you don't like it host your own or find another -- unfortunately everyone gravitates to the most popular server.
Oh? I was under the impression Chatters sort've stalled. On a side note, I don't mind if people gravitate to one server. Small pockets will be small pockets, but at least they have a chance at existence.

Edit: It'd be nice to create a friends list that allows contact cross-server, but something like that would take me some time.
Chatters sort of died off because the paradigm they used in writing it isn't exactly BYOND friendly, and a lot of people had an incredibly hard time navigating the source to fix the bugs that popped up. Plus, it was a chore just getting a channel to run, IIRC.