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I Did not make a post yesterday, i know i said i was going to but i just didn't get around to it. Yes i am going to make the Japanese Basic Understanding guide, And i do plan to make a demo to explain Japanese into more detail as well as a list of translations that could help in a normal conversation. This will hopefully be done today or tomorrow*1, but there is a chance it will have to wait until next weekend, i apologize for that.

Recently i have not really been posting about the updates to the games i am (Helping/Alone) Making*2. This is due to school, as i said before i cant get much done but i do what i can. So in the meantime i have been working on Ninja Death Fight's*3 base. The base is almost fully complete upon it being finished ill be able to start the production completely and it shouldn't take long to get it up to a playable version. Other than that i am happy to announce Arena Game is almost in a playable version! The only thing that is left to complete are a few armor states*4. The game will have a new look, and hopefully a new feel to it, ill be posting the updates bellow.

Other than this i got bored a few minutes ago and decided to try my hand at scratch pixel art again. I think this one turned out a bit better than the last, C&C is welcome, but please refrain from trolling as always.
Thanks for reading - Jester

Pixel Art Try #2:

-1)I am talking about the basic understanding tutorial, not the demo going into further depth.
-2)These Games Are; Arena Game, Eternity, and Ninja Death Fight
-3)Only 3 more states to go!
-4)Basically Attack/Defend.

Arena Game updates:
-Added AIs
-Coded AIs
-Coded AI Combat
-Coded AI Wander
-Coded AI Respawn
-Fixxed Respawn
-Recoded LevelUp Procs
-Recoded DeathCheck Procs
-Coded New Hair
-Changed EXP Variables
-Added Battle Info Box
-Made Battle Info Box Moveable
-Added New Armors
-Changed Battle Info Box Font
-Fixxed Battle Info Box Position
-Fixxed Main Window Icon

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