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There are a ton of games on BYOND. Cool. But what is with this trend of people publishing chat games? And not even good ones. It's like straight up input -> output and that's it. Examples? Forsaken Box and BYOND Coding Explorer.

(Little fun fact about coding explorer. It started as a game that was pretty much a browser. So you used a browser to find a game, that was a browser. I feel an Inception joke here...)

Yes, chat is pretty important in games if you plan to have multiplayer, but there should be like, a game. Do you really need a BYOND game to chat with your development team? You organize this on MSN with your firends. "Okay, who's going to host the chat game so that we can get to work?" while completely IGNORING the fact that MSN supports the function you trying to create. In addition, MSN allows easy sending of files! You can show your screen so much faster to 12 people on MSN than to do it in BYOND (as far as chat games have gone).

And even if you did need a chat game for this; there are plenty of chat games on BYOND that are decent! Chattie and Icon Ultima come to mind.

Seriously. What is this I don't even.

(Note: For those of you that enjoy my more serious posts, there's one coming tonight if I remember to type it. If not, tomorrow morning.)
It makes them feel official, like getting a website that does nothing but point to their games. There is literally no functional reason behind it, just people feeding their egos.
To tell the truth lugia I built the BCE because I was bored out of my mind.Gonna take it down for good soon
Well, because we're a community and we like to talk to each other. Logging into The Saloon is much more straightforward than creating an IRC channel and somehow hoping people will find it, or fishing for people's MSN addresses (assuming they even have MSN) to invite them to some MSN group. I agree that there are too many chat games, but this is because our community is segregated and you won't find the people you want to hang with in a single channel. That and it's BYOND, so everyone wants to rip their own chat.
You can't send files in MSN if you are in chat with more than one person. File sending on MSN is terrible, really.

That is all.
Zane444 wrote:

That is all.

The the urge to communicate coupled with the sense of pride you have when completing some form of work is far greater than the sex drive.

That is your answer.