Most people seem to be posting about exams too, so I'll add to the mix. I just wrote my last exam of the year, and so am finally finished highschool. Off to Seneca College next year for some programming goodness.

And of course I need to celebrate by buying myself GTA: San Andreas. Naturally.

This summer will be one of gamedev. Hopefully successful gamedev. It looks like a lot of contests are running too, so hopefully I'll be able to add a few smaller scale games to by slowly growing portfolio.

My plans for a little BYOND roguelike have fallen (again) into the abyss, so don't hold any breath there. Progress is also paused on my Bizlof War remake (non-BYOND), but I have every intention of completing it. Currently I'm working on a similar game, but it is much smaller in scale and thus will be easier to complete than the BW one. Perhaps you'll see some linkage on the BYOND Gaming forum when I get something going more strongly.

That's all for me. And for everyone else, keep writing those games! :)
Here's a word of warning for playing GTA: San Andreas... When it comes time to own gang territory towards the beginning, be aware that you will loose all of the territory you fought so hard for when the next part of the story comes up. It was a rude surprise. Supposedly, you can capture it all again towards the end, but I'm not there yet.
Thanks for the tip.

Additionally, after seeing some Star Wars Battlefront on Draffurd's XBox, I may reconsider which game I purchase. Decisions, decisions. Perhaps I can nab it in the discount bin and get both. :)