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According to Techspot, Windows 8 will be publicly available to test tonight now.

I don't like some of the things I've read about it so far however. That Ribbons GUI thing they have for Microsoft Office currently is said to be the standard GUI for Windows 8 (with the option to toggle back to normal I think).

Honestly, I haven't really been keeping up to date on the latest Windows Development (I never really have honestly), but there was no front page posts regarding Windows 8 (that I could see in my brief five second look) being available to trial tonight, so I figured I'd come along and mention it.

If it's available for me, I might just have to check it out though. Save my opinions for then.
Windows 8, woo. (:
"Boots in 8 seconds"
It takes me more than 8 seconds to get through my bios, nice try Windows.
You mean Microfat. Don't see it being much better than 7 from what I have read, probably another Vista. I tend to skip every other OS before I upgrade, or at least you have to wait a good year or so for the service pack.
Loaded in 13 seconds on an optimized gaming machine.

I am sad, Microsoft!