I have started to work on the original Feval again. I still plan to do the Feval fighter game, but, for now I'm going to focus on upgrading the original Feval and going mainstream with it.

I have put up an official shell server for the game once again, with the latest 2.0 beta changes. Not much is done yet, but there is a lot on the todo list.

For the last month or so, I've been conceptualizing and designing a game lobby/matchmaking system. I plan on implementing it into Feval. The game will have a main lobby where you start/find games, chat, and so on. There will be a friends list. You will be able to start a group and invite people into it to play matches with them. There will be clans as well.

The game will have much more customization. You'll be able to play quick matches with random maps and certain game modes, or you can create your own game and pick all the settings, including your own custom maps (which you can already make). The map editor will also be getting a script system which will allow players to sort of make their own mini-games.

Rankings, ladders, tournaments, and many other things will also be included to try and make the game feel like a more commercial competitive PvP game.

The game will be getting a shop where things like overlays and such can be purchased. The game will be the first Iccusion game to use the Iccusion currency, which are purchased points that can be used to buy things ingame across multiple Iccusion games.

To slow the game down a bit for more casual players and allow them to play a calm game with their friends, Feval will be getting special levels players can complete. The levels will be co-op vs AI type events where players will be required to complete certain tasks to beat the level.

And much more.

Just thought I'd let people know about things coming to Feval very soon.
I used to play Feval a lot when it first released. Now I am looking forward to this awesome Bomberman spin-off again!
Bomberman for furries.