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W00t sorry for the delay was busy working on stuff but its finally Day 6! This one will be somewhat short as I have alot to do and and quite tired.

Class Difficulty - Medium

The Umbrakinetic class is one of three classes who start with the Darkness element as their elemental property making them take neutral damage from all elements except for Light. The Umbrakinetic class as able to manipulate darkness and shadows to their whims and create fields and darkness and at times darkness equipment when needed. The class is very versatile when need be and can function at almost any range.

Brute - Nightfall

The Brute Branch is aptly named Nightfall due to their amazing ability to coat themselves in literal darkness and shadows and create various enhancements to their body that boost their power. Along with these enhancements they have various mid to short range techniques that are slow but powerful. Many of their attacks are trap like and require opponents to step within their range to activate others are creepers and slowly inch towards their target across the ground. Their slow attacks and close range make them somewhat weak to foes at longer ranges however so its best to have a plan and set up various attacks to impede distant opponents.

Generic - Fear

The Generic Branch allows user to manipulate darkness into various monstrosities unlike the Meos normally seen around Realitie. These monsters summoned by the Fear users are capable of performing various task in which they are programmed to complete depending on the range of their opponent. Some are better suited for different ranges and some are capable of healing the user. Each creature however has very limited life and it doesnt take much to eliminate them from play, through the use of several creatures however the user can effectively outmaneuver an opponent and claim victory.

Control - Nightmare

The Control Branch grants the user the longest range of the Umbrakinetic Class. The Nightmare Branch focuses on various illusions and sights that will severely lower and opponents stats as well as deal damage to their health but more importantly their Energy. These attacks although powerful in form have very low damage unless several are stacked onto one opponent. The appearance of any kind of medical class can spell doom for them, although they have ways of handling classes which can cure themselves of their status afflictions and debuffs.

Hoping you enjoyed today's Class Session, I'll post another one tomorrow describing the Aerokinetic class.

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Perhaps a Haunter Cameo for Fear but no no Haunter.
Fantasie Productions wrote:
Perhaps a Haunter Cameo for Fear but no no Haunter.

You disappoint me.
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Fantasie Productions wrote:
Perhaps a Haunter Cameo for Fear but no no Haunter.

You disappoint me.

Intellectual Property disappoints us both XD